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Some Newer Poems (Seasonal or Whisky-Related)

Twelve New Year Resolutions Written on New Years Day 2011
Twelve Christmas Wishes Written on Christmas Eve 2010
Whisky's Whispered Listening Shut your eyes, breathe deeply
Ten Questions for a Former Pot Still Stoker In journalistic spirit
Before the Toast Hot but not buttered
Isle of Peat My smokiest whisky poem by far

Some Poems That Used to be the Newer Ones

The Bus Not Taken With Ironic Nods to Robert Frost
Magnolia Days Sonnet for Songstress and Furniture Maker
CBE FRCP FRCR On The Reitrement of Anna Gregor
Anna Gregor is Retiring? The Inimitable, Formidable ...
The Art and Science of Improving Health (Through changing jobs)
What I Noticed On My Journey Here Today Arthur's Seat in Cameo Role
A Duathletes' Blessing Starring Arthur's Seat...
Shared Care For Everyone Who Helped
Give Us A Break Without Unpaid Carers ...
We Call You By Your Name For Naming Ceremonies and Baptisms
Leading Change Mentally Healthy
Still Place Business Trip Chill-Out
Address to a Hot Haggis Because Some Like it Hot
Address to a Hot Haggis With a Special Extra Verse for Girls
Here is a Blessing Wedding Poem for Mum and Howard
Internal Bleeding For Amnesty International
Love Train Jess and Greg's Wedding Poem
Is Your Fella as Heart-throbby as Robbie A 'Response from the Lassies'
Seeds The Best Sex Education is Like This
Shipp Shop Pip Pip Mr Shipp
Sonnet of That Saturday Shoe shopping and magic
Text in the City Words of Love to Your Sweetheart's Mobile
The Need for Art If it's not true, tell me
This is Bad Enough Why is information for patients (often) SO BAD?
Unaccustomed As He Is Men and Valentines Day, bless them ...

"Classics of the Oeuvre"

Baby Haiku For Oliver Kele Grayson
Beachcombers of Love Lucy and Etienne's Wedding Poem
Berneray Birds Hebridean Ornithology for Minimalists
Boundless Modern Classical Music Thrill
Bull's EyeSex Education Drama
Consumed Charity Shop Angst
Creation Theology for Minimalists
Customer Complaints at the Dream Factory Anti-Hollywoodism
Diamante Night Glimmery Twinkly Sparkly
Ever Increasing Circles A Praise Poem for Great Circle Communications Ltd.
Dreamer For My Mate Clare
Festival Fireworks A Sexy Concrete Poem
Flip Flotsam Original Version of the Famous Poem About Flip Flops
Flip Flotsam Film Narration Version of the Famous Poem About Flip Flops
Funktionality Wanting A Website
Flip Flop Fact File Everything You Always Wanted To...
Friday Funk A Groove Diggaz Tribute
From Now Lyndsey and Jeremy's Wedding Poem
Great Circle Story Applied Narratology in the World of PR
Growing Love Donna and Obbe's Wedding Poem
ImagiNation Improvised There And Then
Infinity Existential Mathematics
Insight Looking Out A Real Feelgood Number
Jazz Funk Groove As It Should Be
Kenny Was A Poet Tribute to Mr Stenhouse
Loop The Loop Fasten Your Belts - And I Mean Tight!
Manifesto I Want I Want I Want
New Journey Liz and Andy's Wedding Poem
Oceaning Up Seaside Sensuousness
Poems Written by my Hormones with No Assistance from my Brain:
  Number 2 in an Ongoing Series
It Does What It Says On The Can (Warning: Contains Strong Language)
Pulse Drum and Bass Appreciation
Rainbow Lighthouse Telescope Imaginary New Scottish Architecture
Sampled Atoms of Delight
Sikorsky Sea King - Lewis and Harris My Ride In A Helicopter
Silence Relationship Frustration
Surfacing Marine Scenes
Stevie Wonder in the Elevator A True Story
Silviculture An Arboreal Metaphor
Tenth Night If Music Be The... For Minimalists
The One Two Three Four...
The Next Poem Delivery Dilemmas for Performance Poets
Wanting Intense Desire from a Distance
What We Know A Millennium Retrospective
Wishing A Dreamy Seaside Spectacular
Words It's About Language

A Trio of Tributes (2004)

1) Poem for a Top Team
Over the last ten years, I've had the very great honour to have worked with a unique team of sexual health educators who bring to senior school pupils in Edinburgh the rare chance to talk and learn about relationships and sex stuff in a really good way. I wrote a poem about this team, Seeds for a special get-together. Tricia Munoz included this poem in a gorgeously illustrated book full of team members' memories and tributes to Kerstin Phillips who led the team so well until her retirement in 2004.

2) Poem for a Top Boss
My part time day job is with a pioneering NHS organisation called SCAN, the South East Scotland Cancer Network, which is basically about making care for cancer patients quicker, better and more friendly. My boss there, Oliver Shipp, went and moved to London, which is great for them, but a shame for us, cos he was great. And yes, there's a poem about that too, Shipp Shop, which my SCAN-mates helped me write for his farewell party in June 2004.

3) Poem for a Top Poet
If it sounds unfeasible to have former workmates and a boss worth writing poems about, what's the chance that the guy who comes round to assemble furniture and empty the bins in your office happens to be a poetic comedy genius? In my case that was true, but the man himself, writer of classic emails in verse to all at the health board sadly died in June 2004. I wrote Kenny Stenhouse Was a Poet to share with those who knew the man and his work, and can now share it more widely with those who didn't have the pleasure.

Poems Published Elsewhere


Turning Towards Living 2005 Edited by Alec Finlay. A lovely book of circle poems.

Wind Blown Clouds 2003, Wind Blown Cloud (Morning Star) & 2005, Wind Blown Clouds(Rizzoli, NY) edited by Alec Finlay. This isn't poems, it's photos of clouds. But I don't have a separate section for books of photos of clouds yet.

Poetry Postcards 2004, Tsunami (now Tsuko) Design, Six gorgeously designed poems on postcards

The Little Coltsfoot 2003, Chapman, 102-103 Centenary Issue of Scotland's Quality Literary Quarterly

Birth and Beyond 2002, newsletter of the Birth Resource Centre, (Baby Haiku)

Oh I Can't Wait 2001, self published collection of 3 poems, (Insight Looking Out, Wishing, Oceaning Up, )

The Jewelbox 2000, CD produced by the Scottish Poetry Library, (Flip Flotsam)

Without Day 2000, pocketbooks, (Rainbow Lighthouse Telescope)

Atoms of Delight 2000, pocketbooks, (Sampled)

Reforesting Scotland Autumn 1998, Quaterly journal, (Words)

Heavy Flow 1995, fanzine produced by Saskia Hollins, (Poems Written by my Hormones with No Assistance from my Brain: Number 2 in an Ongoing Series)













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