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Why don't you...switch it off?

Hey! Hang on a minute! Don't shut down just yet. *Sheesh!*

Being a creative individual of a generous nature, I can't help but reach out to share with you, yes you Dear Browser, some inspirational ideas. I do this in the hope that you will:

  1. help make the world a better place with
    more nifty, homespun, crafty tat in it
  2. realise that this is truly an interactive and
    playfully functional space on an otherwise
    blah-de-blah-ful internet
  3. be unable to refrain from telling people
    what a funky site this is

In this section, you will be able to download delightful recipes, print out foolproof templates for making a really impressive fortune teller, jazzy little paper boats and those little origami frogs.

If this isn't the place for me to offer advice on making the most of charity shops, crafting the perfect tortilla wrap or building up a really classy collection of beach trash and used toothbrushes, then I don't know what is!

First of all, a little glimpse of a creative project that can be undertaken with minimal resources yet to very splendid effect.

Above you can see Steps 1 & 2 - which clearly I prepared eariler - of the How To Make a Chandelier Out of Used and Found Toothbrushes, Beads, Buttons and Bells project.

Further instructions along with photos of the finished product in all its glory will be available on this page in due course.


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